This complex article details the ways independent businesses are competing with big-box retailers. I conducted research, interviewed sources and wrote the article.


Most people agree they need life insurance, but they don't know what type to get or how much. I wrote this blog post, which breaks it down.

Annual Report

Organizations cultivate what they celebrate. I edited the content and designed this annual report to help Southport Presbyterian Church celebrate 2018 milestones.

Sales Sheet

Written for career agents, this technical piece covers advanced sales strategies. I worked with the marketing team to edit the content.


Is more insurance really necessary? I wrote this blog post, which covers the basics of supplemental health insurance.


As local real estate rebounded from the Great Recession, I worked with The Indianapolis Star and Carpenter Realtors to help Central Indiana residents understand rapidly changing dynamics.



I worked with The Indianapolis Star and Carpenter Realtors to help Central Indiana residents understand rapidly ​changing market dynamics.


Several editing clients have asked me to identify the grammatical and content errors I see most frequently in their work. I created this simple piece as a result.



Just for fun, I design posters inspired by song lyrics.


User Guide

Small-business owners have to get optimal productivity from each employee. I created the content for this guidebook (and other media) to support Do it Best Corp. member stores.



The Old Point Tavern was in my husband's family for decades — back when Mass Ave was dodgy, not distinguished. The ol' place has changed hands twice since then, but we managed to reclaim the original neon sign.



This article was part of an awareness campaign to connect women and long-term care. I researched the topic and wrote the content, which my client's career agents could then submit to publications
with their byline.

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