• Manda Newlin

Today I Saw a Live Person Who Doesn't Live in My House

This evening I had to pick up a prescription from the pharmacy, and I asked my daughter Drew to ride shotgun with me. Word spread swiftly through the house of our impending adventure, and everyone wanted in. My one errand expanded to include the bank and Starbucks.

The five of us stumbled outside to the car, bleary-eyed and blinking at the sun like doomsdayers emerging from a bunker. Yet we were also buzzed at the prospect of having somewhere to go and something to do. Sadly, two of our stops were a bust, with the pharmacy and (three different) Starbucks closed. But in a sweet stroke of luck, the drive-through at a nearby coffee shop was open!

Now, I am beyond grateful that I get to shelter in place with my favorite people. But we’ve enjoyed an abundance of quality family time over the last several weeks (months?), so it was a strange, exotic experience to speak to a person (from a safe distance) who doesn’t live in my house. The latte, lemon shakeup, and smoothie were pretty good, too.

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